‘Don’t Breathe’ leaves fans in suspense

By: Sam Martini ~Staff Writer~

Photos courtesy of indiewire.com | Jane Levy (above) stars in Don’t Breathe as Rocky, a criminal youth who breaks into houses for a living with her friends and resells the stolen merchandise.

Something missing from this movie season was a good thriller movie. Don’t Breathe fills the hole amazingly.

From the directors of the Evil Dead reboot, Don’t Breathe follows a group of burglars as they pick their latest victim, a blind war veteran. The movie stars a cast of relatively unknown actors such as Stephen Lang and Jane Levy.

Levy as the story’s protagonist is adequate. While falling under the basic tropes of the genre, she is able to give a performance that shows promise for her future endeavors.

Lang as the blind man gives a phenomenal performance. While portraying the disability well, he leaves the audience at the edge of their seats.

Atmosphere is one of the most important aspects when it comes to the horror genre, and the sound is a key component to it. It provides an eerie feel to the movie, not knowing what will jump out at you next.

One of the greatest things about the film though is the original concept. While the killer’s archetype has been done before, it is truly amazing how fresh this idea feels.

It provides a realistic setting, pushing the boundaries for which it can and does go.

Seeing this movie is a must, especially while it is still in theaters, for listening to the reactions of those around you makes the movie a far better experience.

Don’t Breathe is one of the stand outs of this year’s movie season.