Oops…Britney did it again… with ‘Glory’

By: Aaron Robinson ~Staff Writer~

Photo courtesy of google.com | Britney Spears’ (above) ninth studio album Glory has been critically heralded as a successful “comeback” album, though Spears has publically refuted any claim that she is in need of a “comeback.”

Britney Spears’ newest album was released Aug. 26 to mixed approval by both critics and fans.

Her ninth album, aptly named Glory, is her own return to glory after her last studio album, Britney Jean, was released in 2013. Britney Spears impressed critics, who described her performance in Glory as her best since In The Zone, her fourth studio album released in 2003.

The track on the album that has received the most flack, however, has been “Private Show.” Slant Magazine called it “the album’s only bona fide misfire.”

Despite the criticism, Glory found itself in the Top 5 of Billboard 200 and sold more than 111,000 individual albums in the first week.

The album’s most popular song and its single, “Make Me..,” has gained incredible amounts of acclaim since its July 15 release. Described as a “slinky,” midtempo R&B song by Entertainment Weekly, it features a vocal collaboration with American rapper G-Eazy. A music video to go along with the single premiered on VEVO on Aug. 5.

The single debuted at number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming her sixth-highest debut on the chart and 34th Hot 100 entry.

Britney Spears has come back to RCA records for this album, which focuses on elements of raw sexuality, especially in the synthesized songs such as “Love Me Down,” “Do You Wanna Come Over?” and “Private Show.”

Spears does include what could be considered a love ballad with the fourth song, “Man On The Moon,” which talks about her search for what could be called the “perfect man.”

For this album, Spears has brought back the acclaim to her listeners with her strong beats and confident and clear vocal delivery. Glory is distinctly different than some of her earlier albums, especially her debut album Baby One More Time and her second album Oops…I Did it Again.

No tour has been scheduled for Glory, though fans are waiting with anticipation for the announcement of one.