Xavier Presidential Cabinet raises concern with lack of diversity

By: Micah Price ~Staff Writer~

Xavier University’s current Presidential Cabinet is facing an issue in regards to its demographic makeup.

This year’s cabinet, which has only met once so far, is made up of 16 Caucasian men, seven Caucasian women and one African-American woman.

Appointees to the committee are selected based upon their leadership positions within the university and can be considered a congress of leaders at Xavier. This could point to the larger problem of the demographics of leadership within the university as a whole.

The cabinet comprises all aspects of leadership, including the deans of the four colleges, vice and assistant Vicepresidents and the Budget Director, as well as various other positions.

In effect the body serves as an advisory board to the President of Xaiver University, Father Michael Graham, who sets the course for the priorities of the university.

Questions still remain as to the effect the lack of diversity in leadership has on students and what impact a cabinet that doesn’t necessarily reflect the backgrounds or charateristics of students might have.

For schools in Southern Ohio, this is a persisting theme. At the University of Cincinnati, 11 of 19 cabinet members serving under interim president Beverly Davenport are male Caucasians, and there is one African American male. Eight are women, 2 of whom are African American.

“I think it’s unbelievable that in today’s age the school cannot accuratly represent everyone and be more inclusive,” Ann Bishop, a junior Occupational Therapy major, said. “Our school could do better.”

Requests for comment from several cabinet members were not immediately returned as of Tuesday night, and one ranking university official declined to speak on record.