CLC debuts new reservation system

By: Max Bruns ~Staff Writer~

For students who study diligently but do not often check their email, the Conaton Learning Commons and Alter Hall have created a system that might incentivize them to start checking messages.

The new reservation system by which students hold their spots in rooms designated as “Group Study Rooms” is now conducted through the same portal that hosts student email accounts.

In the past, there had been some confusion regarding where and how the rooms were reserved.

Last year, the process included a direct call to the front desk of the library. The new process is done completely online through the student email portal.

First, students should log in to their email accounts. The portal can be accessed through the Xavier Student Hub via the tab labelled “email.” Students will be redirected to a window asking for a verification of email credentials. Once the student has logged in to his or her email, he or she should access the tab on the top left of the screen that has a small grid of white squares.

After clicking on this tab, a larger panel of options will drop down, one of which is the calendar. Students should click on the calendar tab and then double click the day and hour of the reservation.

This will further prompt a window asking for the specifics of the reservation, including purpose, start and end time. Finally, students will choose their desired room via a drop down window.

A message from Xavier on the topic reads “Although conference rooms and other spaces on campus may show as (Free) in the list, students may not reserve these unless they have prior permission to do so from faculty or staff.

Please use these instructions to reserve group study rooms only, even if the other rooms show as (Free) in the room list or show Accepted once the reservation has been made.”

This is a change from last year, when students were not required to have faculty or staff permission.

Finally, click the send button on the top corner of this new reservation drop down. The request will send like an email and will be followed up with a confirmation email.

The confirmation email is the only way to ensure a room is reserved.

If students wish to cancel a reservation, they should go to their email portal, access the calendar tab, click the prescheduled event and hit “send cancellation now.”

The system is designed to streamline the reservation system and allow a more convenient scheduling process that will benefit both students and faculty as it becomes a part of the master scheduling stystem for space usage in the CLC and library.

The university asks for student cooperation during turnover for the new system. For students requiring assistance, please contact the Connection Center on the third floor of the CLC or call 513-745-3881.