Rob and Chyna are ‘keeping up’ the drama

By: Jason Smith ~Staff Writer~

Photo courtesy of | Rob Kardashian (left) and his expecting fiancée, Blac Chyna (right), star in E!’s new reality series, Rob and Chyna.

Rob Kardashian’s rise from brother of Kim to star in his own right has not been without its fair share of troubles. After appearing on Keeping Up With The Kardashians for multiple seasons, he abruptly disappeared, only to reappear later in a much heavier, sadder form. Rob is now on display in his own show Rob and Chyna, which covers the trials and tribulations of being a leftover Kardashian.

Rob’s all-too-public struggles have only been amplified by his choice of bride, Blac Chyna, who has issues with Kim and one of the other younger Kardashians. Rob Kardashian is like your friend who went on summer break and never came back to school. From his appearance, he looks like the kind of person who got married in sweatpants and a tuxedo jacket. Rob is the Kardashian who has the most leisure time.

With all that in mind, the E! network, in all its infinite glory, decided to have a show built around Rob’s life with his new bride Chyna. There’s a whole backstory with Chyna and Tyga and some other Kardashian but who cares about that? The real story is our central character Rob.

How is this show going to make Rob’s life exciting, and what sort of situations could they put them in? The premiere manufactured suspense with a Rob and Chyna spat but concluded with the reveal of the sex of their baby.

Side character and Kourtney Kardashian heartbreaker Scott Disick has a part as Rob’s wheelman and overall bro. Scott’s duties include driving Rob around, hanging out and going shopping with him.

This past weekend featured Rob dealing with the insecurity of fame and trying to look nice so he could accompany Chyna to Cannes. Scott waited like a patient husband while Rob tried to find a pair of comfortable jeans. Meanwhile, Chyna was spending time with her girlfriends and fighting media criticism of her body image. In the end, Rob’s insecurities kept him from taking the trip.

I thought about possible plots for my new favorite show. Let’s see if any of them come to fruition. Here are my predictions: “Rob loses his Xbox controller and gets mad at Chyna.” “Rob’s mom comes to visit, but Rob is sleeping.” “Rob worries about losing weight and then finds a candy bar in the sofa cushions.” “Rob and Chyna go to wherever; Rob is upset because his Xbox won’t work with foreign voltage.” “Rob starts to feel better about himself, then argues with Chyna.”

In many ways, this is the perfect show for college students because Rob is living the life you will on break. Consider Rob as your Kardashian doppelganger for leisure activities and by watching him you can plan what you are going to do when you have free time. While the rest of us have to work hard, Rob has to decide if it’s a PlayStation or Xbox day. We should take comfort in that.