‘Made in America’ revives O.J. backstory

By: Jason Smith ~Staff Writer~ Around the time I moved to Los Angeles in 1997, O.J. Simpson was in the middle of a civil trial for the murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown. One day I managed to go down to the courthouse to partake in the frenzy. It was less of a circus than the murder trial mainly because it took place at the Santa Monica Courthouse. O.J. at that time was already less than the towering figure he was on television. In some way, he seemed beaten down, hunched over. For a moment, I got to witness … Continue reading ‘Made in America’ revives O.J. backstory

‘Hitman’ series concludes with a punch

By: Jason Smith ~Staff Writer~ The game Hitman puts the player in the role of Agent 47, a blank slate of an assassin who has an innate ability to blend in with his surroundings. Hitman was released episodically last year, and 2017 welcomed the release of the full game on disc. Throughout the time the episodes were released, the developer, IO Interactive, continuously tweaked the game, relying on feedback from players. The result is a deeply rich game that mainly takes place over seven episodes, with three mini bonus episodes. The premise is simple: Agent 47 must take out his … Continue reading ‘Hitman’ series concludes with a punch