UberEATS arrives in Cincinnati area

By: Kevin Thomas ~Staff Writer~

Photo courtesy of wikipedia.org | Uber, previously a taxi app, has now added food delivery to its services.

Last spring, Uber joined the ranks of PostMates, OrderUp and Domino’s Delivery drivers with their new operation, UberEATS, and last week, UberEATS finally arrived in Cincinnati.

UberEATS, like the currently more popular and successful PostMates and OrderUp, is an app that can be downloaded on any smartphone.

It provides the service of food delivery for restaurants that do not already deliver for a small fee.

It began in New York in March, with initial success stemming from good reviews, a great selection of food and speedy delivery.

Residents of Cincinnati can likely expect the same experience as more and more people begin using it.

UberEATS is a new standalone app, separate from the Uber Ridesharing app, and allows users to order food from several “top restaurants in the Cincinnati area,” according to their website.

These top restaurants include local favorites such as Graeter’s Ice Cream and Gold Star Chili. Currently, there are only 11 different food places that can be ordered from Xavier’s campus, though it is expected that the number will increase as the app grows in popularity.

The ordering is incredibly simple and very similar to the ordering mechanisms on other apps.

There is no need to tip the delivery person, though there is a $4.99 flat delivery fee.

Xavier students can take advantage of more than just the ability to order food on campus from places that don’t normally deliver. UberEATS could also be a job opportunity for students looking for flexible employement.

Those who have cars can work as a delivery driver, where they can create their own hours to fit with their schedules.

UberEATS is currently only available in certain parts of Cincinnati: Downtown, Norwood, Hyde Park, Evanston, Xavier’s campus, University of Cincinnati campus, Covington, Over-the-Rhine and Newport, though it is expected to expand in reach as time goes on.

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