2016 issues on Cincinnati and Norwood ballots

By: Kevin Thomas ~Staff Writer~

Photo courtesy of we247.org | Three issues will appear on the Norwood ballot that won’t be on the Cincinnati ballot. Each are explained below.

Everyone knows who’s running for President, but there is more to an election ballot than just the names on it. Voters will be able to weight in on specific issues and decide whether these issues are pushed forward or shut down for the time being.

If registered to an address on Xavier’s campus, the three issues on the ballot will be issues 44, 52 and 53. For people living off campus and registered to vote with an address in Norwood, the issues on the ballot will be 5, 6 and 47.

Issue 44

Issue 44 is a proposed property tax levy for the Cincinnati Public School District and the Preschool Promise. The money generated from the new tax would go toward providing tax-funded preschool for all children in the Cincinnati Public School District. The proposed tax levy is 79 cents for every $100 worth of appraised property for the next five years. This works out to around $278 per year for property worth $100,000, totaling $48 million. As most students don’t own property in the city of Cincinnati, the tax levy would not affect them.

Issue 52

Issue 52 is also a proposed tax levy, though it benefits the Great Parks of Cincinnati and would work as a replacement for the currently present one that expires in December of 2017. The levy would also be a property tax, though it would only be a $1 million per year levy, for 10 years, which would be around $35 per year for property appraised at $100,000.

Issue 53

Issue 53 is also a proposed property tax levy. Like Issue 52, it would be a renewal of an already existing levy that expires in the next year. It is the Children’s Service levy, and all of the revenue generated would go toward helping children get out of abusive situations and other children and families in need. For property appraised at $100,000, it would be a yearly $50.

These are the issues that would appear on the ballot for those registered with an address inside the city of Cincinnati (i.e. registered to an address on Xavier’s campus).

Continued are the issues that will be on ballots for those registered to vote in the Norwood area…

Issue 5

Issue 5 is the first of the issues to not be tax related. It is a question of whether to allow the City of Norwood to work as the buying agent to find the best electrical company for all homes and businesses in the city of Norwood, unless the owner decides to opt out of it.

Issue 6

Issue 6 is a proposed property tax renewal that is used for current operating expenses for Norwood. It would be around $800 per year for property appraised at $100,000.

Issue 47

Issue 47 is a proposed bond issue and property tax levy allowing funding for the Norwood City School District for the purpose of new construction, improvements, renovations and additions to school facilities and providing equipment, furnishings and site improvements. The tax levy would be around $250 per year for property appraised at $100,000. If it passed, it would be the first time in 46 years that the Norwood City School District successfully passed a bond issue.