Netflix ‘Gilmore Girls’ reboot leaves fans nostalgic

By: Jason Smith ~Staff Writer~

Photo courtesy of | Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel reprise their roles as Lorelai and Rory Gilmore in Netflix’s revival of Gilmore Girls.

It is almost certain that if a television show is dead, the people at Netflix will find a reason to bring it back. Netflix thrives on dead or near dead television shows, and Gilmore Girls is the newest of zombie television to celebrate its return.

When the original series ended, Rory made life-changing decisions, and Luke and Lorelai didn’t get married.

The network that originally broadcasted it shut down, the producer/ creator had left long before and the fans were heartbroken.

I decided for the sake of journalism to watch this show on Netflix. To get ready I watched the last episode of last season. I fast forwarded a few times.

The Gilmore Girls is known for the witty banter and pop cultural references aplenty, and the new show uses much of the same ideas. There are four 90-minute episodes in the season.

When there are four new episodes of Luther, I suddenly get excited, but for Gilmore Girls I need to pretend it’s Luther just to endure an episode.

The new episodes are a continuation of the previous seasons. If you haven’t watched the trailers, they feature your favorite characters. For some of the actors I can imagine it probably was the one gig where they didn’t say no.

Winter is coming, but in Stars Hollow it features Rory and Lorelai catching up with each other. Rory has left New York and returned to humble Stars Hollow where Luke and Lorelai now cohabitate.

The soft acoustic guitar and singing of “la la la la la” kicks off the show proper. Kirk is starting up a ride service called OOOber. In other words, the show picks up almost right where it left off.

At times during the first episode it felt like everything was shoehorned in to remind the audience that “this is Gilmore Girls.”

There is Rory’s best friend’s band and the flashback to Lorelai arguing with her mother and The Dragonfly Inn. The only difference is everybody is older and the episodes are long.

I don’t want to spoil any surprises, but if you are nostalgic for a Gilmore fix, this is your show. Netflix sunk some capital into Gilmore Girls, and it shows. I just question the episode length and if this reboot needed to happen. If you loved this show, you’ll love it on Netflix.