Opinion: It’s time to axe the Pro Bowl

By: Kyle Tooley ~Sports Editor~

Photo courtesy of sbnation.com | Jay Ajayi’s (above) injury in the Pro Bowl is a reason why the game should be ended.

Football is commonly referred to as one of, if not the most, dangerous sports that a person can play. It is no secret that the NFL has come under fire in recent years for its concussion protocol, and some have even called for the league to shorten the season because of it.

So why is the NFL hosting an additional game that no one watches, means nothing and doesn’t sell out?

Well, that’s a phenomenal question.

The Pro Bowl is the NFL’s allstar game, in which the best* players in the world gather to play one final game for the fans.**

*Unless you’re in the Super Bowl, or you, umm, don’t want to play. Or you are horrifically snubbed, such as Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson and Lions quarterback Matt Stafford.

**The Pro Bowl doesn’t sell out and ranks above only the NHL All-Star game in viewership amongst Big Four sports (basketball, baseball, football, hockey) all-star games.

Even though the NFL has taken steps to Make the Pro Bowl Great Again, so to speak, the game and the events surrounding it need to be eliminated once and for all. While the MLB hosts a Home Run Derby and the NBA hosts a Slam Dunk Contest, the NFL hosted a dodge ball tournament. With NFL players.

Spoiler alert: no one watched it.

In a sport that sees gruesome injuries on a weekly basis, what’s the point of the Pro Bowl? Dolphins running back Jay Ajayi suffered a leg injury in the 2017 Pro Bowl, proving that this game isn’t worth the risk.

Sure, the players can make a few extra bucks, but what does $30,000 mean to guys on multimillion dollar contracts?

Just pay the players who are named to the All-Pro teams a little extra. Boom.

I love football, but there is no denying that it is a dangerous sport. The game risks injury and doesn’t pull the fans enough to make it worth it.

It’s another example of the NFL, one of the most money-hungry organizations the country has ever seen, ignoring statistics in order to make a few bucks.

Just get rid of the game. No one would care anyways.