Sport management struggles

By: Kyle Tooley ~Sports Editor~ This is a story about an ignored group of people. This is a story about brave souls that have been ridiculed throughout their entire college careers. This is a story about following your heart, even when no one else believes in you. It was April of 2013, and I had just made my decision to attend Xavier. I knew that this was the perfect decision for my future for a variety of reasons. But the next step was weighing over my head. What major should I choose? How can I spend my four years enjoying … Continue reading Sport management struggles

Caf receives bite-sized critic review

By: Kyle Tooley ~Sacramento’s Marlon Brando~ I first stepped foot in the Hoff Dining Commons, commonly referred to as “The Caf,” on Saturday, March 25, 2017. My experience was one that I won’t soon forget. After failing to be seated by the maitre d’, who posed quite an attitude from the beginning, I decided to seat myself. I found a corner table with a nice view of the campus right next to a group of first-year students. After overhearing an extensive conversation from the young men about how “lit” they got the night before, I decided to relocate to the … Continue reading Caf receives bite-sized critic review

SAC thrills with XavierFest

By: Kyle Tooley ~Not Afraid of SAC~ After bringing in big-name musicians such as Tyler Hilton, Smallpools and Magic! the past three years, the Xavier Student Activities Council (SAC) has outdone itself yet again. The 2017 Xavierfest lineup is headlined by Marc E. Bassy, whose top hits include “You & Me” as well as a feature on some Skizzy Mars song. After previous XavierFest concerts included amateur names such as B.O.B. and Mike Posner, students are excited for yet another year of high-level talent. It provides a unique opportunity that you can’t find with those other names. “When you go … Continue reading SAC thrills with XavierFest