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SAC thrills with XavierFest

By: Kyle Tooley ~Not Afraid of SAC~


Photo courtesy of | SAC impresses with unknown singer Marc E. Bassy for 2017 XavierFest line-up.

After bringing in big-name musicians such as Tyler Hilton, Smallpools and Magic! the past three years, the Xavier Student Activities Council (SAC) has outdone itself yet again. The 2017 Xavierfest lineup is headlined by Marc E. Bassy, whose top hits include “You & Me” as well as a feature on some Skizzy Mars song.

After previous XavierFest concerts included amateur names such as B.O.B. and Mike Posner, students are excited for yet another year of high-level talent. It provides a unique opportunity that you can’t find with those other names.

“When you go to a concert for someone like B.O.B. and don’t know the words to his songs, you feel selfconscious,” Drake Martinez a junior marketing major said. “Marc E. Bassy will be easygoing because there’s no way anyone here knows his music.”

Headliners like these differ from those at similar institutions such as Texas Christian University (TCU) in Fort Worth, Texas. The small, private school has had to endure performances from artists such as Little Big Town, Macklemore, Hunter Hayes, Jason Derulo and T-Pain, just to name a few throughout the last four years.

“It’s really tiring,” Samuel Stoll, a senior at TCU, said in a phone interview. “Our student activities council is constantly rubbing in our faces how many platinum records the artists they bring in have. Just give it a rest already.”

Xavier SAC is already on the hunt for next year’s headliner, and the candidates have just been recently leaked. Options include (in no particular order) the guy outside of Family Dollar who wants you to listen to his mixtape, the drunk guy who does endless karaoke at Cancun and your cousin who goes to rap battles at that underground club.


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