“Your School” hits transparency

By: Kyle Tooley ~Sports Editor~

Newswire photo by Regina Wright | SGA President Zeina Farhat (right) introduces the panel at the event last night.

Transparency was the common theme during the “Your School, Your Questions” event last night, as students gathered to listen to a panel of staff answer questions regarding what goes on at Xavier.

The event was hosted by the Student Government Association (SGA) and was held in the atrium of the Gallagher Student Center.

The panel consisted of President Father Michael Graham, Associate Provost and Chief Student Affairs Officer David Johnson, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Janice Walker and Chief Financial Officer Beth Amyot.

Questions were written by SGA beforehand and were based on submissions by students. The topics included diversity and inclusion, conduct and policy, tuition, the new Tri-Health partnership and campus safety.

Johnson noted that, while trying to be as transparent as possible through email communication, FERPA restricts what the university is allowed to tell students. Amyot also noted that in terms of tuition, Xavier is a cheaper option than “comparative” schools such as Marquette, Butler and Dayton.

The hardest-hitting questions of the evening came during the student question and answer period, where several students grabbed the microphone and asked questions that were off the script. Questions regarding the identity of the school and Xavier’s commitment to students’ well-being following President Donald Trump’s recent executive order received the largest responses.

Graham handled most of these questions, reiterating the Board of Trustees’ dedication to the safety, in all aspects, of the student body.

“The board is a champion of diversity and inclusion on campus, and all of our members are dedicated to that,” Graham said.

Approximately 100 students attended the event, with faculty and staff watching in the wings. Students walked away feeling as though they gained useful information about what happens behind closed doors at Xavier.

“I thought the event was a great learning experience in regards to what happens at the school,” sophomore Mac Yates said. “The transparency that the panel had to offer was definitely well-received.”