Broner, Granados square off at Cintas

By: Jack Dunn ~Staff Writer~

Cintas Center hosted a different type of event over the weekend, as Cincinnati native Adrien Broner won a split decision boxing match over friend Adrian Granados.

It was a back-and-forth battle for almost the entire match, with Broner injuring his hand in the first round. In the end he was able to overcome Chicago native Granados, winning 97-93 and 96-94 on two score cards with Granados winning the other 97- 93. Both men have sparred against each other for years.

“Inside this ring, it’s business,” Broner said. “Granados is a great fiend of mine. It’s nothing personal.”

Broner has won four world titles in four weight classes. He was stripped of his junior welterweight title because he failed to meet weight requirements for a defense against Ashely Theophane last April. For the fight against Granados, he initially agreed to fight at 142 pounds but then raised the limit to 147 pounds. This led to questions about his conditioning and training.

Photo courtesy of | Granados (left) takes on Broner (right).

The event continued the long tradition of local boxing venues where Cincinnati boxing champions have left their mark on the sport. It was the fourth fight at Cintas Center and the first since 2008. Cintas began hosting boxing matches with two bouts in 2001, when Tim “The Cincinnati Kid” Austin defeated Steve Dotese by a technical knockout. Cintas is moving along on the same path as other famous Cincinnati boxing venues such as Chester Driving Park, Cincinnati Gardens, Crosely Field and U.S. Bank Arena.

The 10,250 seat multi-purpose center is able to host boxing events because of the cement floor underneath the removable basketball court.

“When we take the basketball floor up, it takes a crew of 10-12 people about 90 minutes to two hours to remove it,” manager Michael Risenbeck said. “When we put the floor back down, it takes around five to six hours”

“It was a very nice and enjoyable event,” first-year Mario Giacobazzi said. “Xavier should host more events like that.”

Cintas Center is looking to continue hosting boxing competitions in hopes of being another notable boxing venue in Cincinnati.