Baseball starts up once more

By: Lydia Reagan ~Baseball Savant~

League of Baseball in America (LBA) season is upon us. Monday marked the home opening of the Cincinnati Reds, who promptly lost. Good try, Reds. But this article isn’t solely about the Reds. This is an exclusive first look at the future of the LBA outcomes courtesy of your friendly neighborhood cat lady.

The other Reds in the country – the Red Sox – are going to have an unfortunately lacking season. Even with David Ortiz, the best catcher in the universe, they just can’t stand up to the Miami Heat. Ortiz is returning for his 54th season, and although the rest of his team is sorely disappointing, it looks like he may be a strong contender for the coveted Golden Glove of Most Valuable Player.

This season, Trout is more than just a fish you’re eating on Fridays. Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels is going to have a breakthrough season, with his batting average jumping a whopping 532 points. Thanks to the growing popularity of Trout, he has recently gotten a sponsorship from Willy Wonka. The new Sweet-Trouts will hit drug stores and grocery stores near you this May.

Bryce Harper is coming back to the league, almost fully recovered from his pelvic injury. The Washington Nationals took a huge blow at the end of last season, considering that Harper was benched and bed-ridden for it.

Due to his pelvic fracture, he will need to take it easy for the first couple games, but his physical therapist says that he should be in tip-top shape by the playoffs.

Another player to look out for is comeback kid Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw is a bit of a wild-card; throughout the offseason it was reported that he spent his time on a tropical island and racked up three reports of arson.

However, his agent was quoted telling CNN that “[Kershaw] was going through a really difficult time. There was nothing dangerous about his problem, and it is under control for the start of the season.”

This season looks to be the most exciting one yet. Thanks to the new contract signed by the LBA and Entertainment Tonight, there will be a new, jawdropping moment at the end of every baseball game. Maybe Kershaw will set something on fire. Maybe Trout will turn into his namesake. You’ll have to tune in to ESPN Sports Network to find out.