Star-studded cast pulls off the heist of the summer

The key component of any heist movie is the moment where things unfold backward and the audience gets to see how the switcheroo was performed. Steven Soderberg’s Logan Lucky keeps that trope intact all with a distinctly southern flavor. The movie is very much like David Mackenzie’s Hell or High Water. However, the difference is the evil banks are replaced by a not-so-evil motor speedway.

The first reason to see this film is to confirm that Daniel Craig can act even when he’s not playing James Bond. The second is the tongue-in-cheek celebration of the South. Imagine famous actors playing Southerners straight. It adds a charm to the film that is a commentary on the difficulty of surviving in today’s economy.

Everything Steven Soderberg has done after the “Ocean’s 11” movies feels like an independent film. Soderberg is a master at his craft and while there are moments that don’t seem to fit, until they do, it all flows nicely. Just like “Hell or High Water” this story involves a divorced father who has financial trouble yet has a plan to get out of it.

For Channing Tatum’s Jimmy Logan there are a set of rules that must be adhered to for the robbery to be successful. Due to his close workings of the speedway and thorough plan there never is a moment that it feels like everything will fall apart. The only tension is Jimmy doing his fatherly duties and attending his daughter’s pageant.

Every actor puts in a solid performance, and Adam Driver breaking away from Kylo Ren and his character on “Girls” is always a pleasant surprise. Daniel Craig’s Joe Bang isn’t over the top but played with a genuine sincerity. The film wants the audience to cheer for the criminals because that’s why people go see heist movies.

Logan Lucky isn’t going to change the world, but it is good summer viewing that fits nicely in the Soderberg film pantheon. It is a heist movie with heart.

By: Jason Smith ~Staff Writer~