GoT season 7 wraps up with a bang

WARNING: This article contains spoilers.

In its long-awaited and highly anticipated return, HBO’s hit series “Game of Thrones” (GoT) had just about everything a loyal “throner” could ask for in a truncated seventh season.

Season seven of GoT was shorter than usual, with seven episodes as opposed to the typical 10, but don’t be fooled, there was definitely no shortage of action. This season was chock-full of dynamic battle scenes with a hint of ruthlessness. It even continued its reputation of teetering on the edge of mischievous promiscuity. Did I mention dragons? Oh yeah, and an Ed Sheeran cameo too.

While some fans have criticized the new season for being underdeveloped and rushed, even lacking narrative, I still feel that this season was the most enthralling yet. In a sense, that was to be expected. While I didn’t necessarily agree with the seven-episode plan, I honestly felt that the executives pulled it off well while taking even more creative license with the show.

The most intriguing aspect of this season was the crossing of paths between the show’s two most championed characters, Queen Daenerys Targaryen and King in the North, Jon Snow. The two come from very contrasting worlds, but in the realization that their worlds would soon converge, their eventual meeting was inevitable. While their first encounter wasn’t exactly amiable, the once fledgling relationship blossomed as the season progressed. The end result was a sexual tension that couldn’t even be broken by the sharpest of blades. Fire and ice sounds like a pretty badass combination, doesn’t it?

Perhaps an even more interesting development is the character’s realizations that something even greater is at stake, even more crucial than the Iron Throne. Equipped with an army numbering somewhere close to 100,000 maybe even larger, the army of the dead, or white walkers, threatening to end mankind in Westeros. The focus of this season shifts swiftly from claiming the iron throne to dealing with the impending arrival of the menacing walkers. This sets potential enemies in accord with each other. One of the show’s most acclaimed sayings, “Winter is coming,” has now turned into “Winter is here.” The most arduous task is ahead for the cast and come next season, this may turn out to be the most intense battle of the show’s history.

Whether you are an avid watcher of the show, or just a casual viewer, GoT season seven is shaping up for an epic conclusion. Don’t get too excited yet though. Most reports say that GoT season eight won’t be released until 2019, the longest span of time between seasons to date. Nevertheless, there is still much to be resolved, like who is going to win the iron Throne for good? Will peace ever come back to Westeros? Who will die? Who will survive? Until next season, we’ll be left sitting on our couches Sunday nights itching for more, because this show is just that good.

Valar Morgnulis.

By: Luke Feliciano ~Sports Editor~