Love never fails

I was told

Of faith

And hope

And love

The greatest of these was Love

That when all else fails

Love never does

That love is consistent and unwavering

And it knows no bounds and has no limits

I was told

That prophecies come to an end

As all things do

  That knowledge though seemingly everlasting is incomplete

  You must understand

I could be prophetic

With knowledge of things now and all that is to come  & that would be good  I could have faith that this world has never seen

& that would be good

I could have hope in this degree that I’ve worked so hard to earn

& that too would be good

But if I have all these things and do not have love

I have nothing

I am nothing

I could speak sweet words & tell you all you’d want to hear

I could give to others

I could study abroad and learn of the world

And I could donate to the noblest of causes

But if I do all this without love

There is NO purpose

The bible says

  Let all thing be done in love

For when they are done in love they are done well

So if it is not done in Love

It must not be done at all

I cannot promise you much

But I can promise you this

If I can give you nothing else

  I will give you love

I will listen to your problems

And speak on them only if you ask

I will be a shoulder to cry on

Your 2 am phone call because you couldn’t sleep

Your 5am ride from the airport

And your ride to work at noon

I will write a sermon in the form a poem & perform it in front of thousands of people simply

because you asked

I will be your helping hand

A friend that lifts the weight off your shoulder

when you cannot bear it any longer

I will be your diary

and keep your secrets under lock and key

I will encourage you when you cannot encourage yourself

I will pick you up when you are down

No matter how often you stumble or fall

I will be your safe guard when you are defenseless

I will be the small flame to lead you through the darkest of days

I will do all this

And so much more for those that I Love

Because Love is never-ending

It knows no finish line

Only perseverance

Because Love

Never fails

By: Abrena Rowe ~Op-Ed Editor~