A beginner’s guide to vlogs

Photos courtesy of YouTube

Jess & Gabriel (lifestyle)

A young married couple (above) who met online from opposite sides of the world­: She’s from Australia, and he’s from the U.S. They produce videos that promote a positive and Christian lifestyle. They also make music and are currently touring their second EP.

Jaclyn Forbes (makeup)


This 19-year-old Canadian has been making videos for about two years now. The main focus of her videos is makeup tutorials, but she also does Lush demos and vegan recipies.

Jake Paul (daily vlogs)

jake paul

You might know him from Vine, where he originally gained fame. He now films his daily life… literally every part of his day. His channel alone has 11.3 million followers.

Liza Koshy (comedy)


This YouTuber also got her start through Vine. She now has two channels to appeal to her wide fan base of a combined 17 million subscribers. Koshy has several characters that she features in her videos .

Casey Neistat (vlogs)


A highschool dropout and former aspiring filmmaker, Neistat is one of the founders of vlogging. He now travels all over the world to film videos and enjoys a permanent seat in the YouTube hall of fame.