The Three Musketeers – 10/18/2017

Photo courtesy of | Three anonymous Xavier students with three very different takes on life want to help you solve your problems. Hopefully one of them can help you with your most pressing issues!

Q: I have a crush on this person and I’m pretty sure they have no idea I exist. Please help me.


I would just admire from afar. The caf is where I would spend my time to casually run into them and play out pretend scenarios about our future life together. I would also enlist a friend to follow them for me so I could have access to all their social media.


The first thing I would do is follow them on Instagram. You definitely want to establish name/face recognition. If all else fails, go for the inebriated DM (although this method has not proven too sucessful in the past).


I would search out mutual friends through social media. Once the link has been established, I would politely ask them to pass my number or Snapchat along to the person of interest and hope for the best.

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