Dora the Explorer gets live-action makeover

Photo courtesy of | The animated children’s classic has been on for years, but is now taking on a live-cast movie remake. According to some sources the movie remake will feature Dora using explosives. Little else has been released as of now. 

The year is 2019. You’re sitting in a movie theater. You hear a familiar voice say, “Hola! Soy Dora,” and the words “The Dora Movie” appear on the screen, then slowly fade away to be replaced by metallic letters: “A Michael Bay Film.”

That’s right. A live action film adaptation of the popular Nickelodeon TV show that ran from 2000 to 2014 is in the making and is rumored to be scheduled for release in 2019. As of now, there isn’t a director signed on to the project, but the film is being written by Nick Stoller, known for directing Neighbors in 2014, and is going to be produced by Michael Bay, known for explosions and directing the Transformers franchise.

“This is actually happening?” junior marketing major Ryan Fitzgerald said. “I can’t believe that. Especially with (Bay and Stoller) and the works that they’ve done prior. I don’t think this is going to be anything like the Dora that we’re used to.”

The project will, according to the information that has been revealed, not be following the bilingual Latina girl as a child as most viewers are used seeing. The story will be following a teenage Dora as she moves to the city to live with her primo, Diego.

“I think (Bay being involved) can definitely spice up Dora’s exploration into wherever she goes,” Fitzgerald said. “But this is definitely a different kind of main role than a mutant ninja turtle or giant robot.”

This could lead to the live action movie having more of a realistic focus and mature tone than the TV show dove into and be less about learning Spanish and more about the 21st century experience of Latinx teenagers as Fitzgerald hopes.

“…If that is the case, then I hope Michael Bay brings in people that can represent those experiences correctly,” Fitzgerald said. “If they do it, I think that could touch a different audience that’s not getting a lot of cultural diversity that they’re used to watching Michael Bay movies, just going to the theater for a thriller.”

Unfortunately, these questions remain unanswered for the time being as there isn’t much information available to the public on who will be involved with the project, other than that Bay will be producing with his Platinum Dunes label and partners Andrew Form and Brad Fuller, and that it will be written by Stoller.

By: Kevin Thomas ~Campus News Editor~