10 “sportsketball” facts for the real fake fans

Comic courtesy of Invisible Bread

Need some random knowledge so you will be fun at parties, just need to pretend to fit in on campus or genuinely love Xavier Basketball? Look no further than this list!

  1. The new student section can fit more than 1,000 students. This is great news, but stay on top of those X-pulse points!
  2. You can spot Bill Murray at the Xavier basketball games supporting his son as one of Xavier’s assistant coaches. Spotting him at the games is like you’re playing Where’s Waldo, but once you do, you feel incredibly blessed and immediately post to your Snapchat story.
  3. The cheerleading team wasn’t a Xavier recognized sport until recently. Before it was a club.
  4. The mascots are technically a part of the cheer team without the whole lifting and tumbling aspect.
  5. You may need some super Scooby-Doo sleuthing skills to figure out who the mascot is at the games. There are four students who are the Blue Blob and three students who are D’Artagnan.
  6. Myth Alert: The Blue Blob was not created because we won it in a competition against UC. The Blue Blob’s true origin story was that kids were scared of D’Artagnan, so the Blue Blob was created to be a more kid-friendly mascot. No explanation on the weird tongue accessory the mascot has, though!
  7. D’Artagnan is based on the protagonist in the Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. He travels to Paris after leaving home in hopes of joining the Musketeers of the Guard. Through his journey, he becomes friends with the three musketeers and begins an exciting adventure of state affairs.
  8. The Dance Team is ranked seventh in the nation and plans to bop to the top again this season.
  9. Xavier and UC’s dance teams have a tradition of dancing together during the halftime show for the Crosstown Shootout games.
  10. The Big East Conference is primarily made up of Catholic colleges and universities.