Issue 15 – 12/6/17

Front Page

ZRE hands SGA reigns over to JBC

Laramie Projects earn praise

Campus News

Freedom Rider tells activist story

HUB breaks ground Monday

Faves receives 3.5/5 star review

Get super jazzed up for Kneebody

Police Notes & Farewell – 12/6/17

Opinions & Editorials

A White Girl’s Guide series: final reflection



Xavier welcomes new inductees

Track opens indoor season

Xavier swims at WNC

Arts & Entertainment

A beginner’s guide to Star Wars

Navigating the Star Wars universe in Light speed

The Last Jedi prepares to storm the box office

Staff Predictions for The Last Jedi

Best video games across the Galaxy

Coolest inventions from the Dark side

My Star Wars Story

Feminism isn’t so far, far away

Star Wars by the numbers

A universe endures forever

Cantina Conspiracies

The Wookieepedia of memes

Characters emerge from the Unknown Regions


Star Wars fanfic written by someone who knows nothing about Star Wars

Features Extras – 12/6/17