Discover passion, find your major

Photo courtesy of Success Magazine | Sports Editor Luke Feliciano gives tips on how to pursue a major and figure out what you love to do.

Sophomore year of college is a significant one for many undergraduate students. It’s the first full year of already being acclimated and adjusted to college life. It’s a year when students discover their social selves. It’s a year when many students become more involved on campus, whether that is through clubs or organizations, and perhaps some may even begin to take on leadership roles. Most importantly, for the majority of college sophomores, this second year holds an even greater value –– selecting a major.

Undoubtedly, this is a daunting task. How is any 19-year-old kid supposed to make a decision that may in fact determine the fate of their future? The truth is, a lot of students really don’t know what they want to do after graduation but are cognizant enough to realize that obtaining a college degree will prove worthwhile when they enter the real world. The reality is that college students are indecisive. On average, a college student will wind up changing their major a total of three times throughout their academic career.

So, what’s the secret to selecting a major? For me it’s a simple formula: Find what you do best and do it.

Unlike some students who entered college unsure of what they wanted to pursue, I had already known for quite some time my dream job was to work in sports and in particular, on the media side, whether that be covering a beat as a sports journalist or working for a professional organization in a media relations department. Naturally, this made me gravitate toward a degree in Sport Management.

In addition, I’ve made a bold decision to take on a double major pairing my Sports Management degree with a degree in Digital Media. I figured this would be most advantageous based on media trends rapidly going digital.

While the career that I wish to pursue may not be the most lucrative in comparison to some other industries on the rise like STEM, computer-based jobs and business, I am following this path because writing is my passion. My current path will allow me to combine two of my favorite things: sports and writing.

I once received a very strong piece of advice from a local sports agent when I interviewed him for a class project. He told me that if I want to be successful in the sports industry, I should find my niche and pursue that part of the field. That way, I could have the most impact on the industry. I took that advice to heart and through my own self-evaluation was able to decide that this is the route I wanted to take.

But like many routes you take, there will be traffic in the form of competition. You are not the lone wolf on this mission, and there are plenty of other eager students just like you seeking to find highly sought-after internships and jobs in the same field.

That’s why taking advantage of every opportunity that comes your way is all the more important. I was given the opportunity to become the sports editor for this paper and didn’t think twice before accepting it. Chances like that are few and far between, so never take them for granted.

You should choose your major because you are passionate about it, not because you want to roll in dough.

No job is perfect. Each job will have its benefits and drawbacks, and maybe this is something you consider on your quest to finding the right major for you.

In the field I am trying to enter, one of the biggest drawbacks is that when it comes to writing opinion pieces, not everyone is going to agree with you. So yeah, I might stir up a scalding hot cauldron of mixed emotions here and there, but at the end of the day, I’ll know my passion will come out in my work. That’s the way it should be for any profession.

There is a flurry of opportunities awaiting promising young college students, and the ones who are going to succeed the most are the ones who are fueled by passion to do what they love. That’s the approach I’m taking when it comes to a job.

If you are great with numbers, think about a career in mathematics, or even business. If you are a tech savvy computer junkie, think about going into IT or computer science. If you’re like me and love to write for hours on end, think about going into media, public relations or journalism.

The future lies with us, millennials. Mankind can only be as successful as those who are sustaining that success. A big part of that, believe it or not, is how dedicated one can be to the work they are doing, and that starts with passion.

Luke Feliciano photo

Luke Feliciano is a sophomore sport management and digital media double major. He is also the Sports Editor for the Newswire from Rutherford, N.J.