Review: “Not so” Greatest Showman

Photo courtesy of Deb Del Valle | The highly anticipated film featured a star-studded cast that included Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron and Zendaya from the producers of La La Land.

If John Matarese were to see this show, you probably wouldn’t hear the end of it because this was the worst way I spent $20 all break.

Before the movie even began, a clip of Hugh Jackman and the director, Michael Gracey, graced us with a foreboding thank you for being the sort of audience to support this type of film. Retrospectively, I resent being associated with such a doltish bunch. As a proud ex-theatre kid, I eagerly anticipated a new musical. I was prepared by the trailers for the sap and the meet cutes, but I was less prepared for there to be at least 14 story lines, only about half of them going anywhere. The plot moved quickly and was jam-packed with clumsy dialogue without many layers.

Worst of all, perhaps, was the music. In a post-La La Land stupor, I had hope for good musicals to re-enter the big screen, but I was let down harder than the only interesting plot sequence. The modern, poppy jingles did not match the time period or accent the show in some ironic edgy way.

Despite some good lyrics, the performance simply fell short for me. PT Barnum begins as a likable underdog, but wait, then the fame goes to his head, but then that’s ok because at least while he was profiting off the genetic misfortunes of others he gave them community? Sorry, Hugh, I’m going to need more than your best to rescue this garbage script.

And don’t worry! I think the authors realized their mistake. Luckily, they threw in a second set of star-crossed lovers to distract from the first. A generous critic might dub this juxtaposition, but I’m still bitter about that $20.

If lip dubs that looked like you were facetiming on 2G and overcrowded orchestration wasn’t enough to turn you off, the blatant use of trashy autotune was meretricious and distasteful to say the least. If the acting wasn’t unbelievable on its own, the CGI acrobatics were the final nail in the coffin of yet another superfluous movie musical. I wanted to love this movie, but not even Zendaya and Zac Efron could stand in the way of this trainwreck.

By: Brittany Wells ~Staff Writer~

One thought on “Review: “Not so” Greatest Showman

  1. The best part is almost nobody agrees with you. The majority of people love this movie, including myself … and almost everyone who saw it who is not a snob o critic. The only people who blatantly lie about it and trash it to the extent you do were the earliest critics who posted right when the embargo was lifted. They had been behaving like disrespectful baffoons on Twitter amidst their little critic circles, influencing each other and without original opinions, for about a month. They had one agenda: making the movie fail. They failed at their agenda because the movie has been a tremendous success due to some of the most positive word of mouth in cinematic history which led to uniquely underdog-like box office records. The movie’s soundtrack even went #1 on Amazon, itunes, and the Billboard charts in 98 countries. The songs are well loved. Audiences rate the movie highly. Your analysis of movies, songs, and acting sucks. I hope you pick a different career because being a critic is not your calling based on this ridiculous review.

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