Pop Culture: If you missed it… – 1/10/2018

Photos courtesy of PopSugar, Twitter, The Daily Beast, Coming Soon, and Paris Hilton | While you were gone for winter break, the pop culture didn’t miss a beat.

times up
TIMESUP campaign dominates the Oscars: More than 200 women in the entertainment industry banded together to create the TIMES UP movement. The women are working to end sexual harassment and discrimination in Hollywood. In their first large-scale protest as a group, they encouraged all advocates of the group to wear black on the red carpet in a show of solidarity. Notable founders of the group include Emma Watson, Shonda Rhimes and Jennifer Aniston.


The Weeknd cuts ties with H&M: The pop star cut ties with the major clothing brand after it released a photo of an African American child model in a sweatshirt that many people believed was racist. He publicly denounced the company in a tweet from his personal Twitter account. The company apologized and removed the ad containing the sweatshirt but is continuing to sell it in its online store.


Oprah teases presidential bid: Oprah Winfrey accepted the Cecil B. DeMille award at The Golden Globe Awards Sunday night, and some social media users thought her speech was quite… presidential. She gave a speech that had similar echoes to Hillary Clinton’s concesion speech. The speculation created so much buzz on Twitter that President Donald Trump actually responded. “Yeah, I’d beat Oprah,” Trump said in response to a reporter’s question. “Oprah would be a lot of fun. I know her very well… I like Oprah.”


Big Sick actor opens up: Kumail Nanjiani, star of The Big Sick, took to Twitter to share the real story of his wife’s sickness. The romantic comedy has been a wide sucess and fans were thrilled to learn about its truthful origins while sympathizing with the actor.


Paris Hilton got engaged: Chris Zylka, an actor from Ohio, proposed to his now-fiancee socialite Paris Hilton. Hilton shared the moment – which took place on top of a mountain in Aspen – on her personal Instagram. Zylka presented Hilton with a 20 carat, $2 million ring on Jan. 2.


This post was assembled by A&E Editor Riley Head.