The Last Jedi crushes expectations

(This article contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Read at your own risk!)

Photo courtesy of CNBC | The blockbuster film generated $800 million in its first two weeks in theaters. The second installment of the third trilogy has gotten fans excited and ready for the final instalment of the new series.

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi was a great movie. Yeah, I did just say that. And yes, I am a true Star Wars fan.

I didn’t say Rian Johnson created the perfect Star Wars movie. I still question if some scenes were entirely necessary for this two and half hour long movie (green milk scene ring a bell?). Also that Leia scene at the beginning of the movie? Personally, not my favorite and kind of odd in the context of the movie.

But despite these flaws, the eighth installment in everyone’s favorite space opera was outstanding. The three main stories happening in the Last Jedi do a lot in character development for those involved. Rey learns from her experiences with Luke, and Kylo Ren shows her that there is always hope, even when it seems darkest. Poe Dameron learns that sometimes the best way to be a leader is to make sure his friends survive. Finn learns that war isn’t always so black and white.

This movie had some fantastic moments that will be remembered throughout film history: Rey and Kylo fighting together and destroying the lightsaber of Anakin Skywalker, Force Ghost Yoda (in puppet form!) showing that the greatest teacher can be failure and Vice Admiral Holdo destroying the First Order Dreadnaught. And of course, the last 15 minutes of the film were absolutely crazy.

This movie also proves it is impossible to satisfy all Star Wars fans. While most critics loved the movie, online fan reviews were about 50-50. I saw the film three times, so I guess you can tell which camp I fell into. First, people complained that the prequel trilogy was too different. So, when JJ Abrams gave them The Force Awakens, they of course complained it was too similar. So why all the hate on eight? Too different again. If you ask me, it seems like some people are still living at the end of The Empire Strikes Back.

While Mark Hamill stole the show as Luke Skywalker, this truly is a swan song to the late Carrie Fisher. They let her cute dog Gary attend the premiere, and he perked up every time she was on screen. I think that is a pretty darn good metaphor for how most Star Wars fans felt about Leia in this movie. Since we know that Carrie Fisher is no longer with us, The Last Jedi toys with your emotions with her time on screen. I was happy with how her final film handled her death, although I hope they truly find a good and honorable way to say goodbye to Princess Leia in the final film.

The Last Jedi may not have been the Star Wars movie some people wanted, but I think it is definitely one of the better ones in the saga (I don’t need to bring up Jar Jar do I?). It may not be perfect, but it is still a really good movie. I recommend it to anyone and everyone.

By: Jack Dunn ~Staff Writer~