Hoff offers “Teaching Kitchen” cooking classes

Newswire photo by Brittany Wells | The caf hosted two sessions of classes on Tuesday to teach students how to make a “Super Bowl,” which was a healthy grain bowl with vegetables.

Hoff Dining Commons hosted two Teaching Kitchen sessions in which chefs from the caf taught students how to make “Super Bowls” on Tuesday night. The dish was a healthy grain bowl that included ingredients like lentils and roasted vegetables.

“We’re trying to educate people a little bit more into their food choices,” Production Manager Tim Beltin said. He also mentioned that grain bowls are “something that we offer a lot in the vegan and vegetarian station, but as much as it’s gaining traction, we’re still trying to push it just to open people’s eyes to what is possible.”

For first-year Daniel Woods, it did just that.

“Usually when I go to the vegetarian area I don’t typically get anything from there because I don’t typically know exactly what’s in the stuff they make,” Woods said. “So when I went to this it was nice to see exactly how they made it and to hear them explain exactly how they prepared it. It actually tastes and feels fresh, and you know the effort that goes into it.”

The “Super Bowl” hearty grain bowl recipe students got to assemble was a corporate recipe from Chartwells. Students mixed up ½ cup cooked whole grain, ½ cup cooked lentils or beans, ½ cup sauteed vegetables, 1 tablespoon of garnish and 1 tablespoon of dressing in a bowl after listening to a short lecture on the nutrition of the dish.

“I actually liked how he was explaining all the ingredients and what went into the bowl because I think that helps you recreate it later on and I think that I would definitely make this myself in my kitchen,” first-year Sam Haas said.

“I absolutely love grain bowls,” first-year Maddie Weiland said, reminiscing of home. “A few times a week my mom will make a grain bowl and she’ll do different kinds of rices with meats or chicken or fish or whatever and will just toss veggies and stuff together for a bowl and it’s delicious.”

The Hoff Dining Commons plans on having another event at the end of this month, as well as weekly events come February.

Haas said she looks forward to future events where students will have the opportunity to make the ingredients.

For more information on upcoming events check out Dine on Campus.

By: Brittany Wells ~Staff Writer~