Issue 17 – 1/17/2018

Front Page

Police chief search ends

Campus News

XU library unveils Kanopy system

Hoff offers “Teaching Kitchen” cooking classes

An interview with new SGA executives

U.S. & World News

H&M responds to outrage over ad

Subpoena sniffs for ‘Sloppy Steve’

Remembering Dr. King

Week in review

Opinions & Editorials

A disingenuous year for elections

Why one smoker is happy ashtrays are disappearing

God broke an unbroken silence

Mental health awareness must be discussed more

Arts & Entertainment

SPOILERS: The Last Jedi crushes expectations

OPINION: Mourn the “good guys,” believe the women

Origins updates Assassin’s franchise

Lady Bird gives a new voice to classic coming-of-age story

Kylie Jenner watch


Xavier downs Creighton at Cintas

Women’s team youth-laden

Track opens 2018

NBA mid-year benchmark report

NFL Divisional Playoff pandemonium


Feature: Unsung heroes: Marian A. Spencer

Features Extras – 1/17/2017