Netflix predicts The End

Photo courtesy of | One of Netflix’s newest original series features a teenage boy experimenting with his self-proclaimed psychopathic tendencies on a wild road trip with a teenage girl. The show currently has only one season.

Netflix has struck again with the release of the dark coming-of-age comedy The End of the F*cking World. The show, which consists of eight 20-minute episodes, follows the exploits of British teens Alyssa and James. Upon forming a relationship, the two embark on a journey to escape their dull town, bringing their emotional baggage along for the ride.

James is a self-proclaimed psychopath searching for his first human kill, which he hopes Alyssa will provide. Alyssa is a student bored with her cookie-cutter life and missing her absent father. Together, the couple decides to flee. Alyssa needs something new and refreshing, while James figures a small road trip won’t interfere with his ultimate goal of murdering Alyssa. Along the way, the pair is met with an assortment of trouble resulting in them being pursued by the cops.

The show starts slow. The first episode is not the kind that hooks a person, and the characters are not likeable at the onset. Viewers will be shocked by how brash Alyssa is. She is rude and doesn’t immediately inspire sympathy. James, too, is difficult to connect with because his thoughts are constantly clouded by plans to murder Alyssa.

As the show moves on, however, both characters become more relatable. Aside from backstories, the relationship formed between the two primary characters makes each more loveable. James and Alyssa grow together, and in the time they spend with each other and the time they spend apart, both characters unearth something in themselves. By the final episode, neither character is the same person they were when the trip began. This character development is one of the best parts of the series. If the characters are too coarse at first, don’t give up hope.

Not only are the central characters outstanding, but the series also puts a lot of stock in its smaller roles. The two main police detectives in particular have a compelling relationship. It is clear they have a history, though what happened between them is never explicitly mentioned. This makes for an entertaining investigative team, with plenty of awkward exchanges.

Another one of the show’s strong suits is its humor. The series tackles a lot of major issues, but none of them ever feel too heavy thanks to the comedy. For something dealing with so many serious problems, the show manages to remain fun.

Though the beginning may be a bit off-putting, The End of the F*cking World is an epic show filled with crazy adventures and crazier characters, and the story is a welcome change from the standard teen drama. If you’re looking for a clever, imaginative comedy, you’re looking for The End of the F*cking World.

By: Katie Nichols ~Staff Writer~