Lovely last minute Valentine’s Day gifts & Valentine’s Day movies for the single college student

Lovely last minute Valentine’s Day gifts

Dunkin’ Donuts

Delicious and definitely on-theme for the day, these treats will sweeten any hour, not just the morning.



Always a classic, you can find this present pretty much anywhere the day of.

kendra editKendra Scott

If you are looking to splurge a little more, these affordable necklaces have a high-end feel. You can find them at Kenwood Mall.



Stuffed Animals

Also a classic and easy to find at multiple locations, this gift can provide year-round snuggles even if you can’t be there for your significant other.


They say scents can trigger specific memories, so make this Valentine’s day one to remember.

Ice Cream

If you’re feeling adventurous, buy as many ice cream flavors as you can afford and make a date out of trying them all.


Valentine’s Day movies for the single college student

It’s that time of year again and all of your friends are excitedly preparing dates and presents for their significant others (SO) while you’re planning for a night in with chocolates your mom sent in your monthly care package. If you still have energy tonight after the basketball game, here are some movies you should consider watching based on your personality:

Unbashful, Carefree and Loving It Single Friend

Do your friends ever tell you that you should rein in your single-ness? Do you not care because being single is the best thing that ever happened to you? Here’s a list of movies where the journey through life and support of friends are ultimately more important than finding love, but that doesn’t mean falling in love doesn’t happen.

10 Things I Hate About You (1999) – This film follows the lives of several teenagers from various social spheres as they navigate single-dom in high school. It’s a classic 90s comedy that doesn’t enforce the idea of desperately seeking one’s “happily ever after.”

Frozen (2013) – The well-known Disney film follows the story of two sisters who don’t need love to find their “happily ever afters.” Sometimes falling in love with yourself first is better than falling in love with the first attractive stranger you meet.

How to be Single (2016) – There is a “right” way to be single and then there’s a “wrong” way. Listen to Rebel Wilson’s character’s advice if you dare. This film is an incredibly underrated comedy that details the do’s and don’ts of navigating the ever complicated world of being single.

Hopeless Romantic Single Friend

Pride and Prejudice (1995, BBC version)

Serendipity (2001) – What could be better than a classic romance movie set during the Christmas season in New York City? Serendipity is the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. This film follows two people who are destined for one another, and neither time nor wedding engagements will stop them from meeting their fate.

Leap Year (2010) – Grand gestures sometimes aren’t always the best. Your perfect match on paper might not be the perfect choice for you. Watch Leap Year if you tend to overplan your own love life because there’s nothing you like thinking about more than your future wedding. This film might change your mind about your 10-year plan.

Vengeful, Recently-Single Friend

Whether you were dumped yesterday or royally screwed over by your person, here’s a list of classic movies with the common theme of revenge:

First Wives Club (1996) – Three divorced friends from college reunite because of the death of the fourth member of their friend group. Upon learning they were all left by their husbands for younger women, they naturally concoct a plan to exact revenge on their ex-husbands. This film is a classic movie depicting how woman support, encourage and find themselves with the help of one another.

John Tucker Must Die (2006) – Once three friends discover they’re dating the same guy, they convince the “quiet girl” to help them break his heart. Not only does this film fulfill one’s desires to get back at that one ex, it also encourages women to help women and to build strong female friendships. The movie puts a comedic spin on young adult relationships and how to deal with them and explains how revenge maybe isn’t always the answer to dealing with a “player.”

The Other Woman (2014)

This post was assembled by A&E Editor Riley Head and Op-Ed Editor Abrena Rowe.