The Three Musketeers – 2/14/2018

Q: How do I make someone fall in love with me?


Admire from afar. Slow and steady wins this race of love. If you can channel your love powerfully enough through your eyeballs, hopefully they will notice. CAUTION: This method has yet to yield real results.


I like to integrate myself into every part of their life. I’m talking Snapchat, club meetings and casual interests. If you can be interested in the same things as them, it opens up the door for conversation as well as more time spent together.


Start off like a normal person and just talk to them. If you can get yourself on their radar, then the door is open for a casual Instagram follow. A strategically timed “like” can earn you a DM… and the rest is Valentine’s Day history.

This post was assembled by A&E Editor Riley Head.

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