Semi-formal measures up to hype

Staff Writer Brittany Wells gives a first-hand account of the Friday night dance

Photo courtesy of SAC Facebook | (Left to right) Ralph Rommel Bunalade Tamesis, Emma Jones, Wabi Tela, Lindsay Weaver, Caleb Burke and Kyra Bufi posed for a photo at the Student Activities Council’s dance last weekend.

Picture this: you’ve been assigned an article describing the Student Activities Council (SAC) semi-formal, collecting interviews and data and drooling over the event just to be caught in GOA the same time as tickets go on sale.

You sit writing the piece wearing your ugliest pajamas in your undersized Husman bed sobbing into your last bowl of ramen wishing you had a ticket.

Perhaps this isn’t quite as dramatic as I was, but it’s how it felt, OK?

As in most fairy tales, everything works out in the end, Cinderella (or a sad Newswire writer) gets to go to the ball with Prince Charming.

SAC graciously allowed anyone who wanted to attend to come in with or without a ticket. Although I did lose my friend momentarily, both of my shoes stayed on the whole night, and I had a blast!

SAC’s Black and White formal last Friday night was the first of its kind in a long time, and I, for one, really hope it stays. There weren’t any refreshments other than water, but it was free and you don’t complain about free. Besides, it gave me all the more excuse to stuff my face with Currito after.

I was one of the first on the dance floor and one of the last off it, as per usual, and in all of the dances I’ve been to, this was a favorite for sure.

I love semi-formal dances because you don’t have to do the thing where a 5’10″ girl like myself has to find a full-length dress that doesn’t look like the dress equivalent of capri pants, but you also get to look cute enough to remind everyone that you do, in fact, own something other than sweatpants.

The music was quiet initially until the women’s basketball game ended, but the moment the DJ was allowed to, he blasted 90s jams with tasteful transitions and funky remixes.

Having gone to Catholic schools the majority of my life I am well accustomed to “Catholicz Bop” (it’s Kidz Bop, but they only censor the sexually explicit lyrics, not the cussing), but I have to admit I was still surprised to hear “God damn” not censored, but “vibrator” entirely cut out.

Most people didn’t stay the entire time, probably because it was a Friday night, and like I said, all they had was water, but it was still a fun night.

By: Brittany Wells ~Staff Writer~