Student-run Faves eatery plants its roots in CLC

After opening at the end of fall semester, Faves continues to grow and change

Photo courtesy of Faves Twitter | Changes in Faves include an updated point of sale system and the changing of faces as team members graduate.

With its roots firmly planted on Xavier’s campus, Faves has continued to grow as an establishment since its opening.

Danny Schwartz, president and CEO of Faves, has been involved with the establishment since its early stages of development and is proud of the hard work his teammates have put forth to make the on-campus restaurant a healthy and desirable option for students.

When asked about the campus reception of Faves, Schwartz said “We have loved the warm reception we have gotten from our Xavier community.”

“Everyone from students to staff have been extremely supportive and positive about our business, and it has shown in our sales,” Schwartz said. “It has been really cool to see regulars develop as well as see what is most popular on our menu.”

Faves’ best-sellers include the “Si-Guy” panini (named after its creator, Simon Koldoff) and the “Fave” blend, which the restaurant sells in addition to crepes and on-the-go options. While these healthy options have been and will continue to be staples for Faves, there have been slight but noticeable changes to the restaurant so far, one of which is its ability to now take credit cards.

“Aside from bitcoin, we accept everything under the sun with our new (point of sale) system,” Schwartz said.

This change gives students more opportunities to purchase healthy food, often with locally sourced ingredients.

Even more changes are to come as four of Faves executive members will be graduating this spring. These members include Kenny Deprez, Sarah Kramer, Michael Bigliano and Danny Schwartz.

These positions will be passed on to Jed Raynes, Ethan Schuld and William Zimbler, all of whom are current students. The Faves team finds it incredibly important to stay true to the establishments’ roots by remaining student run.

“We could not be more happy or confident in leaving our baby, Faves, in the capable hands of these returning students because we know that they are just as passionate about our mission as we are,” Schwartz said.

“I really think that because we are a student-run business, it has helped us connect with our peers. We have really tried to market ourselves as the only restaurant on campus that is students for students. Also, our team has done a phenomenal job on making our restaurant a great customer experience.”

Schwartz feels an immense amount of gratitude for the individuals who have helped Faves flourish, including students, university staff and the Physical Plant team.

“Without them, we would never have been able to see Faves go from an idea to what it is now,” Schwartz said.

Luckily for the students seeking healthier food options on campus, Faves has transformed from an idea to a reality, brought to life by a team of passionate individuals who want to provide these options for Xavier’s students and faculty members.

Faves is located on the fourth floor of the Conaton Learning Commons (CLC) and is open Monday to Friday from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.

By: Alana Harvey ~Staff Writer~