The Crossover of the Century

Avengers: Infinity War premieres Friday. Here are Marvel movies to watch in preparation

Photo courtesy of Forbes

Iron Man (2008): The movie that started it all. It’s almost hard to believe that this movie came out 10 years ago and what exactly the Marvel Universe has become because of it. It’s got it all: the swagger of RDJ as Tony Stark, the badass fights, the classic Marvel villain and arguably the best ending to a super hero movie in the history of ever.

The Avengers (2012): If you think the hype for this movie is real, throwback to 2012 right before this movie came out. This movie not only brought together your favorite heroes (and villains) for the first time on screen, but it also redefined “superhero blockbuster,” making $1.5 billion during its theatrical run.

Captain America: Civil War (2016): I know, I know, I should put the second Avengers movie Age of Ultron here so you understand more context for Infinity War. But this was Age of Ultron part two, and it was MUCH better. It has epic hero vs hero fights, and it also introduces two new favorites to the MCU: Spiderman and Black Panther.

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. I and II (2014 and 2017): I couldn’t pick between the two. These movies are proof that Marvel can make even the most obscure comic superheroes fun. This unorthodox superhero team, led by the incredibly funny Starlord played by Chris Pratt, not only explains more of the galactic scale of the MCU, but also has a lot of laughs while doing it. It has the best soundtrack too, if you ask me.

Black Panther (2018): I won’t spoil this one since it came out so recently, but it is a fantastic movie, and it will give you the most context as to what is happening right before Infinity War. This movie is the perfect lead-up.

By: Jack Dunn ~Staff Writer~