Three Musketeers – 9/12/2018

Photo courtesy of | Three anonymous Xavier students with three very different takes on life want to help you solve your problems. Hopefully one of them can help you with your most pressing issues!

Q: I am really excited about the Boat Dance, but I heard it’s a date event. How should I ask someone?

Athos: I wouldn’t worry about what everyone else is doing. I plan on attending with a group of my friends and having a really good time! It’s much less stressful that way as well.

Porthos: Shoot your shot! A lot of people at school attend the dance, so it really isn’t that weird to ask them. If they do think you’re weird, you have the ultimate getaway vehicle: The Belle of Cincinnati.

Aramis: Ask someone in your class that you get along with really well. I see the Boat Dance as a chance to make new relationships in a very unique setting! This is a chance to take a friendship or a romantic interest to the next level.

Q: I hate all my co-workers, but I love my job. What should I do?

Athos: Focus on the aspects of your job that you really love. There is a reason that you chose it in the first place (making a difference, following your passions, money). Thinking about the things that you love will help get you through the day.

Porthos: When dealing with particularly annoying coworkers, I try to imagine myself on a tropical island or somewhere equally as pleasant. When I am there, the crashing waves tend to drown out their voices and I have a lovely tan.

Aramis: Just put in your headphones and silently do your work as much as you can. You don’t really need co-workers to do your job anyway. If that doesn’t keep them away, death stares usually do.

This post was assembled by Arts & Entertainment Editor Riley Head.