Halloween costume do’s and don’t’s & Cincy’s best spots for Insta-worthy fall pics

Halloween costume do’s and don’t’s

With only a week before the spookiest day of the year, here are some humorous but useful tips from your friendly Campus News Editor.

By Jack Dunn, Campus News Editor

The Do’s

Piggyback costume.jpg

“Piggyback” costumes

All of these costumes are hilarious and will almost always get a laugh. Plus, this is something you can wear at Christmastime, too. It’s a win-win!

Jack's jersey costume.jpgJerseys

Don’t want to spend money on a costume when you already have a perfectly good jersey of your favorite player just sitting around? Then go for it! Nothing to be ashamed of here, especially if you can do the post-hair transplant Brian Urlacher like I did. Be sure to wear long pants — it’ll be cold outside.

The Don’t’s

Fortnite costume


Look, I enjoy the game too, but do you really want to be dressed the same way as every middle-schooler everywhere?

Moth and lamp

Do you really want to be this meme for a couple’s costume? It’s not cute and just looks weird.

“I’m me”

At least when I did a jersey one, I put in some effort to come up with something clever. This is even lazier than what I did.

By: Jack Dunn | U.S. & World News Editor

Cincy’s best spots for Insta-worthy fall pics

Take your feed to the next level by grabbing your friends, logging onto Instagram and checking out these spots around town.


If your Insta needs some pops of color…

Check out Over-The-Rhine, particularly Findlay Market. This local favorite is a go-to not only for the delicious foods and items for sale but also for the fun, colorful buildings. Each historic storefront has pops of color and looks great year-round.

Need more inspiration? ArtWorks of Cincinnati has a free map of all sponsored murals around the downtown area and local landmarks. Look at the murals online, snag the address and plan a fun historic Instagram-worthy trip around the city.

Serpentine Wall.jpg

If minimalism is your aesthetic…

Sawyer Point isn’t just for fireworks. The curved concrete tiered steps of the Serpentine Wall can match any color scheme. If it gets a bit crowded, opt for a couple photos of the Ohio River with some of Cincinnati’s famous bridges as your focal point.

For a more industrial vibe, head to Smale Riverfront Park nestled between the Roebling Suspension Bridge and Paul Brown Stadium. This tiny spot includes pristine cut lawns, silver metal swings and breathtaking views of Cincinnati’s skyscrapers.

Piatt park.jpg

If flowers and landmarks are more your vibe…

Check out some amazing parks and historic landmarks. Some favorites include Washington Park, Eden Park and Hyde Park Square. Each of the places can range from a mix of historic landmarks to breathtaking landscapes. Take a stroll through Washington Park just steps away from Music Hall. Snap some photos of the Canadian geese before they migrate north at Eden Park. Grab some Graeter’s and relax on a bench in the center of Hyde Park Square surrounded by beautifully manicured flowerbeds.

For a mix between historic and nature, check out Cincinnati’s oldest park, Piatt Park. This park is across from the Main Public Library on Vine and runs along Garfield Street. Experience the heritage of Cincinnati with no fear of a bad photo under the tree-lined path. This location is a secret gem right in the heart of the city and has the perfect combination of nature and history for fall pictures.

By: Rose Hofstetter | Guest Writer

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