Historic 2018 SGA Executive Election breaks records & Oct. 22 Student Government Association Meeting Recap

Blair Mckee, Desmond Varner and Alfredo Mercedes (BDA) are the first executive ticket comprised entirely of persons of color to win an SGA Executive election.

A record number of 2,076 students voted in this election. Last year 1,656 students voted in the SGA Executive election, making a 420 vote increase.

  • In an effort to decrease the number of phishing attempts and number of stolen email accounts, the cybersecurity team will implement a two-factor authentication system for Office 365 and Banner Self-Service. The two-factor system will be exclusively implemented for faculty and staf starting in January. The extra security measure may extend to the student body after feedback from faculty and staff.
  • Senators discussed the recent bias incident concerning the Students for Life club at length. There is currently no action plan from SGA.
  • The Residence Life Committee is working with the Student Rights and Identity Committee to organize “Drinksgiving.” Law enforcement sees significant increases in drinking and driving on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Drinksgiving would aim to focus on alternatives to alcohol.
  • The Academic Affairs Committee will be meeting with the deans of each college to discuss the needs of a growing student body. The committee is interested in advocating for the hiring of quality tenure track professors as well as diverse faculty.

This post was assembled by Campus News Editor Heather Gast.