Connex seeks student input

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Signs throughout residence halls and Hoff Dining Commons (the caf) advertise the Voice to Vision survey to tell ConneX, the force behind campus dining, “what you really think!”

The survey invites students to share their food for thought about the current state of on-campus dining to influence potential installments.

The results of the survey will inform menus in the caf and future on-campus dining options. The survey will be available until Oct. 31 for students to share their input on their favorite meals in the caf and what they hope to see for on-campus dining in the future.

Student input is important to improve campus services to fit student demand as class size increases each year.

ConneX has taken student feedback into consideration in the past. The pop-up sub shop in the Fenwick Hall lobby is a result of the student body asking for more food options after 9 p.m.

ConneX’s Director of Marketing Jennifer Paiotti has received 400 responses as of Oct. 22. ConneX hopes to beat last year’s survey’s record of 1,300 responses by using signage posted around campus, a social media campaign and emails sent to students.

Students are hopeful for change both in the caf and around campus. Junior middle childhood education major Lavere Hearn expects “better vegan options on campus in addition to (the caf)” from taking the survey.

First-year exploratory major Lauren Mikell wants “more fruit options as well as healthier” meals in the caf.

Some students attempted the survey but found it difficult to find and tedious to complete.

There will be no new restaurants in addition to the Gallagher Student Center (GSC) options this year, though there could be more in the future, according to Paiotti. The GSC restaurants, a sub shop and diner capable of mobile orders are set to open in the beginning of spring semester.

As the opening dates of the GSC restaurants approach, ConneX is asking the student body to name the new diner and deli. Through Oct. 26, students can write their suggestions on the posters in GSC.

The suggestions will be considered by the Student Government Association and Xavier administration, who will both come to an agreement on five names for each restaurant. Students will then vote on the names for the restaurants, bringing the sub shop and diner one step closer to opening.

By: Chuck Collins | Guest Writer