Police Notes & Week in Review – 1/31/18

Police Notes

Jan. 22, 9:25 a.m. — Xavier Police received a report from the Bellarmine parish of an additional 19 candle inserts taken from the St. Joseph and Mary sacristies inside the chapel. The are no suspects.

Jan. 23, 7:33 p.m. — Xavier Police investigated a report of underage consumption at the men’s basketball game in Cintas Center. Investigation revealed a 21-year-old student purchased a beverage for an underage student. Both students were ejected from Cintas, and were referred to the Code of Conduct.

Jan. 24, 11:00 p.m. ­­— Xavier Police assisted Residence Life with a room search in Kuhlman Hall. A small amount of drugs was confiscated from the room. Residence Life will follow up.

Jan. 26, 1:21 and 2:31 a.m. — Two underage students were transported to Good Samaritan Hospital from the residence halls for possible alcohol poisoning.

Jan. 26, 12:13 p.m. — Xavier Police assisted Norwood Police with a loud noise complaint in the 2000 block of Cleanay Avenue. Two students were cited by Norwood Police for underage consumption. One student was cited for providing alcohol to minors.

Jan. 26 2:15 p.m. — A student was ejected from the men’s basketball game for making inappropriate gestures towards the Marquette bench.

Jan. 27, 9:28 p.m. —  Xavier Police assisted Residence Life with a room search in Husman Hall. Drugs, paraphernalia and four fictitious IDs were confiscated. Residence Life will follow up.

Jan. 28, 2:01 p.m. — A student reported the theft of personal clothing and a small speaker from their room in Buenger Hall during the holiday break. There are no suspects.

Quote of the Week

“Honestly, you’re a legend”

Jan. 19 5:49 a.m. —­ Xavier Police investigated a report of an intoxicated student partially clothed inside the Cintas Center. The intoxicated student advised Xavier Police that they had been celebrating their 21st birthday. They were transported to their apartment at University Station and released to a roommate.

Week in Review

  • Frigid temperatures in North Carolina have forced alligators to freeze in place with their nostrils above water, according to video footage released by the Shallotte River Swamp Park. Experts say the alligators enter this frozen state, known as brumanation, so that they can breathe (Jan. 23).
  • A couple in Shelbyville, Tenn., spent their Saturday night stealing more than $11,000 worth of ink cartridges from a local Wal-Mart. Police are still searching for the couple, who nabbed a total of 332 cartridges (Jan. 27).
  • A Florida Taco Bell was evacuated after a man entered carrying a World War II-era grenade. He had found the grenade while fishing and drove it to the store before calling 911. The bomb squad removed the grenade, and the store re-opened (Jan. 27).
  • KFC has released a limited-edition gravy-scented candle for Valentine’s Day. The company clarified that while the candle does contain a small amount of gravy to generate the iconic smell, it is not recommended for consumption (Jan. 29).

This post was assembled by U.S & World News Editor Jack Dunn.