Graham tells all in SGA meeting

After a three week delay, Father Michael Graham, president, delivered his Report of the Administration during Monday’s Student Government Association (SGA) meeting.

Graham was asked questions centering on four topics: the Health United Building (HUB), student housing, Carabello Coffee and campus safety.


Although there have been setbacks in constructing the new recreation and education center, Graham reported that some of the lost time has been made up. As of now, the HUB will be opened in two separate “stages.”

The recreational portion of the building is scheduled to open in November 2019. However, classes won’t be held there until the spring semester of 2020. In good news, the $3 million contingency budget has remained intact and will be used for an additional multipurpose basketball court.

Senators asked about the possibility of including a pharmacy in the HUB, but there is currently no plan for adding one. Instead, there are plans to move the dispensary currently in McGrath into the HUB. The services would be much less extensive than a traditional pharmacy.


A new residence hall is still in the works. Graham confirmed that the building would be built between Buenger Hall and Kuhlman Hall, across from Brockman Hall.

The university is xcurr working with a construction company from Boston. The university is the process of gathering feedback from students and staff to try to determine a long-term housing strategy.

The new dorm could be completed by 2021, though dates are not final.

University Station has agreed to develop a four-story apartment complex for off-campus housing. It’s planned to be opened in August 2020.

Carabello Coffee

A major concern in the current Senate is the owner of Carabello Coffee, Justin Carabello, and his alleged association with conversion therapy, a pseudoscience that claims to “cure” homosexuality.

Carabello worked with an organization that focused on providing counseling for men who struggled with porn overuse up until 2008 when he began Carabello Coffee.

The organization also offered counseling to “cure” homosexuality.

His current relationship with the treatment center is unclear and is being investigated by the university and the Newswire.

Presently, there have been conversations between Proud XU, the Center of Diversity and Inclusion and the Office of Student Affairs. The next step is for Jude Kiah and Phil Chick of Auxiliary Services to meet with Justin Carabello.

Depending on Carabello’s response and stance on the issue, the university will determine the best course of action.

Senators emphasized their concerns about partnering with someone who could be homophobic since this does not reflect the beliefs and values of Xavier.


Robert Warfel, the new chief of the Xavier University Police Department, has begun working part-time around campus.

Since he is currently finishing up at the FBI, he’s been working odd hours on campus, which has allowed him to observe both the campus’ day and night atmosphere. He will start his full-time position in a couple of weeks.

There has also been talk of the university partnering with POM, a security device that fits in the palm of your hand.

POM allows students to request a fake call to get out of an uncomfortable situation, request help from XUPD and much more. This discussion is still premature.

Xavier is looking to Creighton University as an example. Creighton has used this device to enhance safety on their campus.

Xavier will be adding at least one more emergency phone in the Village and more lighting in the parking lot in the near future.

By: Devon Baird | Staff Writer