Photo(less)-op: When does shorts weather begin?

As warmer weather nears, the campus community needs to know: when is it OK to wear shorts? Students’ answers ranged from the physical to the philosophical. We hope all temperature-related answers were referring to the Fahrenheit scale.

“As a native Californian it’s like 55 and up… I feel like it all depends on your usual climate. However some people like to wear shorts when it’s 20 degrees. I’m gonna think you’re crazy, but hey, go for it. It’s all a personal choice.”

Clara Igou

First-year exploratory major

“I feel like shorts weather is a state of mind. Any weather can be shorts weather if you want it to be.”

Mitchell Nee

First-year business undecided major

“I think around the end of March, beginning of April when it’s not snowing anymore and it starts to get warmer, but it’s not too warm.”

Lily Walsh

Sophomore Digital Inovation, Film and Television major

“I’m from Boston… and I went to school in Vermont last year… Shorts weather to me is gonna be a few degrees below someone from, say, LA… I’m gonna give it an exact temperature here: 55 degrees and sunny.”

Curt Berry

Sophomore finance major

“For me, the weather better be above 60 degrees. That’s all you need to know.”

Owen Faust

Junior business analytics major

“There’s a lot of people who wear shorts when it’s super cold. I’d say probably not when you’re gonna catch hypothermia.”

Matt Caldwell

Junior biophysics major

“High school me would say any weather, but now it’s two days in a row when it’s 60.” When pressed on whether he meant Fahrenheit or Celsius, he said, “Fahrenheit for sure.”

Miles Tiemeyer

Junior Philosophy, Politics and the Public major

“That’s a hard question, but I’d say probably 50s would be like shorts and a long-sleeve t-shirt maybe.”

Pam Dickman

Junior international business major

“My mom always said 50 degrees and up I could wear shorts out of the house, and I haven’t ventured away from that belief.”

Joe Thielman

Senior marketing major

By: Aidan Callahan | Staff Writer