Week in Review – 4/24/19

  • Four sweat bees were removed from a Taiwanese woman’s eye. The bees, attracted to her tears, had entered her eye while she was pulling weeds from her relatives’ graves. The woman is expected to make a full recovery (April 11).
  • An Indiana man is suing his parents after they destroyed his pornography collection that he claims is worth $29,000. The collection included 12 boxes of films and magazines and two boxes of various kinds of sex toys (April 15).
  • Contractors in a Florida town required a lesson in elementary spelling after erroneously painting “SCOHOL” on a crosswalk. The error has since been corrected (April 19).
  • A fossil hunter has earned the wrath of the scientific community for attempting to sell a baby Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton on eBay. Scientists have expressed concern that the sale will mean the specimen will end up in the hands of a private collector instead of being used for further research (April 22).

This post was assembled by U.S. & World News Editor Jack Dunn.