My dog is my bestfriend

Emily Price is a junior psychology. She is a staff writer for the Newswire from Miamisburg, Oh.


Spending time with my best friend is my favorite thing to do. Together we watch movies, hang out in parks and my house and get ice cream. When we are both feeling motivated, we even go on a run or a long walk together. She is young at heart and has the best smile. She is always happy and has no trouble finding the silver lining in every situation. She helps me stay positive when things aren’t going my way. The best thing about my best friend, though, is that she can’t talk. Her name is Gracie, and she has four paws. She is a nine-year-old golden retriever that my family adopted from a rescue facility in Columbus.

I have no shame in saying my dog is my best friend. Most days, if not all, I like her more than every person around me. She understands me. Without having to tell her I am upset, she knows. Without having to tell her why, she comforts me. There is nothing she will not do to make me happy: whether she is licking tears from my cheeks or sitting her 50-pound self in my lap. When everything is going right, she is there. When everything is going wrong, she is still there.

Most dog owners would read this and know exactly what I am talking about. The connection and love between a dog and its owner is unparalleled. It is something that goes beyond going for walks and giving them treats. It extends to an emotional level that is impossible to explain unless you have experienced it. While a lot of people understand, there are also a lot of people who do not. Having Gracie though, it doesn’t matter what others think.

My best friend is a dog because dogs are amazing. She would be your best friend, too, if you were her owner; that is how much love she has to give. I do really love my human friends, but nothing can replace how I feel about my dog.

Dogs are a gift. Without reason or cause, they love us. They accept and love us for who we are, nothing more and nothing less. As long as their basic needs are met, they are happy. They follow you around, put their heads in your lap, and let you kiss and hug them. What would we do without them?

Without dogs, some of us wouldn’t have happy faces to come home to each day. We wouldn’t have walking or running buddies. We wouldn’t have the pure companionship that they give us.

Because of these loving and incredible characteristics, I believe they are one of the world’s most untapped fortunes. Dogs are wonderful animals! Take your thousands of pictures of your Yorkie in the same position. Let your Saint Bernard take up three-fourths of your bed. Feed your Poodle at the table with you. As long as you are treating them well and meeting all of their needs, let your best friend truly be your best friend. There is no shame in the fact that you like dogs better than people.

The simple fact of the matter is that dogs love us no matter what. So, what excuses do we have to not love them with the same gusto? I have not looked for excuses, however, because I see no point. I will say it again: My dog is my best friend. She loves me unconditionally with all of her heart so for as long as she is here with me, I will do the exact same thing for her.

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  1. I can relate to this soooo much. My doggie is my best friend and has helped me go through so many tough times.

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