Announcing the three best NFL commentators

Get ready for the upcoming NFL season with a list of the top television voices

Television stations have produced some of the most legendary NFL announcers that are embedded into the game forever – John Madden, Jon Gruden, Dick Enberg, Pat Summerall and many more.

These commentators help fans nationwide enjoy their Sundays while they root for their respective teams with an unmatched passion for the game.

To this day, announcers play a major role for all viewers and listeners, and there are many great talents behind the microphone.

3. Al Michaels

Al Michaels is the current play-by-play announcer for NBC’s Sunday Night Football (SNF). The Associated Press once called Michaels “TV’s best play by play announcer,” which many fans would agree with. Michaels’ iconic voice is clearly a gift.

His ability to manage the booth on Sunday nights helped SNF gain the top spot for all primetime shows in the fall. Michaels has called 10 Super Bowls in the booth and in his first 12 seasons on NBC, SNF won 27 Sports Emmys.

Michaels has covered more major sporting events  than most sportscasters. He was once was the play-by-play commentator for ESPN’s Monday Night Football.

Michaels’ versatility ranges beyond the NFL as he has called the Olympics and MLB games. He still performs as one of the best baseball announcers.

It is clear by Michaels’ broadcasting portfolio that he is one of the greatest play-by-play commentators of all time.

His voice has stayed legendary through three decades and continues to warm the hearts of NFL fans who tune in on Sunday nights each week.

2. Cris Collinsworth

Many may argue that Collinsworth deserves the number one spot on this list. The New York Post described Collinsworth as being in a “league of his own.” The Houston Chronicle lauded him as “arguably the most thoughtful and well-spoken of football analysts.”

Collinsworth has been teamed up in the booth with Michaels for the past 10 years and the duo never seems to disappoint.

Like Michaels, Collinsworth has a golden voice which resonates with NFL fans nationwide. He also displays top-notch preparation and analysis of the game.

Collinsworth first joined NBC Sports in 1990 and has won a total of 16 Emmy Awards since then — nine of which were for Outstanding Sports Studio Analyst.

Not only does Collinsworth’s voice stand out but also his dynamite personality.

He displays an unmatched passion and enthusiasm for the game. These factors help create an insight for the game that fans dream about. Collinsworth is a legend not only in the booth but off the field as well.

He starred at the University of Florida where his size, at 6-foot-5, and blazing speed earned him a spot in the NFL with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Collinsworth served as a deep threat for the Bengals and surpassed the 1,000-yard receiving mark in four out of his eight seasons in the NFL.

Collinsworth’s character traits made him a fan favorite on the field which naturally carried over to his career in the booth.

1. Tony Romo

Tony Romo is the best analyst in the NFL right now. Romo is a rare case in that he immediately transitioned into commentating right after he retired.

He was assigned as CBS’s top color commentator alongside Jim Nantz. While Romo may not have the deep and punctuated voice like many top broadcasters, his knowledge of the game in the booth is the truly top notch. It may be the best ever.

It seems that Romo can guess almost any play based on varying formations and audibles. This serves as a testament to his time as an NFL quarterback. Romo also adds an enthusiasm for the game which was developed during his long NFL career.

Romo’s on-air style feels conversational and unforced with the way he is able to relate to the fans.

In his relatively nascent role, Romo has already called one Super Bowl and gained respect from the world of commentators.

Stephen A. Smith once noted that Romo’s performance calling the game was the greatest announcing of all time.

Romo’s 14-year run in the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys helped him gained popularity amongst the fans. He was already a well-known figure before entering the booth and has continued to garner praise.

If Romo continues to display innate knowledge and charisma, he may go down as the greatest color commentator of all time.

By Clay Merk | Guest Writer