Father B leaves home in Husman

The long-time Husman resident relocates to the Jesuit residence on campus

Father Albert Bischoff, more endearingly known as Father B, has moved out of his longtime home in Husman Hall to the Jesuit residence on campus.

Father B lived in Husman Hall for a total of 25 years, the past 20 consecutively.

He spoke at length about the effect that living with students has had on him and his faith.

“I think that Xavier is a wonderful place, and the best thing about it is the students,” Bischoff said. I enjoy living with them. They keep me young. At times, they keep you awake, but it’s all worth it.”

Husman Hall director Joel Houlette spoke about the influence Father B has had on students throughout the past 20 years. 

“I think him living in Husman definitely had an impact on the students that lived here and interacted with him,” Houlette said. “I think them having the pride of them sharing a home with Father B was a big deal and knowing that we kind of had a sense of ‘we get to claim him as our own’ even though he’s the campus celebrity.” 

Houlette also noted the connections that this shared experience creates between first-years, upperclassmen and alumni of Husman.

“You get so much, ‘Oh yeah, I remember when Father B lived in my (first-year) dorm,’ and it helps that sense of shared community of people with past years who lived in Husman.”

Karen Garn, a junior biology and chemistry major who lived in Husman as a first-year, recalled fond memories of Father B’s presence in the dorm.

“I remember his 90th birthday my freshman year. We threw a big party for him, with cake and everyone signed this card for him… I think he’s part of the welcoming nature of Xavier, and it’s sad to hear he’s not going to be in Husman anymore.”

Garn also noted his kind demeanor and spirit.

“Sometimes if you’re sad or stressed, just having someone that has a bright smiling face there helps so much,” Garn said. 

When asked if he ever wished he lived outside of the dorms, Father B balked at the idea.

“Students have been very thoughtful, asking me if they disturbed me,” he said, “I don’t have any really negative feelings. And they have to live with me, too.”

Father B added that the connections he’s made have been meaningful for him. “All I want is to have people, if they want, share their life with me so that we can grow and learn together, and I think that keeps me young. I don’t feel old, except when I’m tired.”

Junior nursing major Maia Wagner said Father B’s presence has been special.

“The impact he has on me and people around is just making your day, just pointing you out and making you feel special,” she said.

Father B still resides on campus and can be found in his office in the Center for Faith and Justice or walking around campus calling anyone and everyone a saint. 

By Mo Juenger | Staff Writer