The Rewatchables relives great movie moments

By Luke Feliciano | Sports Editor

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The Rewatchables podcast lets fans relive the greatest cinematic moments. The show gives a humorous analysis of American film making.

The show hole — a place no television fan wants to be in. Naturally, when your favorite show is out of season, you switch to movies. But wait, before you feverishly mash the password to your Fandango account, there are more budget-friendly options.

That’s where The Rewatchables podcast might salvage your couch-potato tendencies. Personally, I’ve never been dedicated to a podcast until I discovered this hour-and-a-half weekly masterpiece. And it’s been a blast having access to it.

Produced by The Ringer and headlined by ex-ESPN anchor Bill Simmons, the Spotify podcast goes through a classic movie that has rewatchable scenes and how it’s influenced American culture. Co-hosts Chris Ryan and Mallory Rubin (along with a rotating band of others) also take a deep dive into some of the most noteworthy movie scenes in cinematic history.

The unfiltered and certainly unabridged production resonates with people of all ages, even though most of the movies are decades old. The cast really gets down to the nitty gritty, never skimping out on the juicy details that aren’t always noticeable on the first watch.

Some of my favorite episodes of the podcast include the ones about Field of Dreams and Top Gun.

Field of Dreams remains arguably one of the best sports movies of all time, but the hosts take a more analytical approach to the episode. The cast could easily focus on the iconic scenes like the “if you build it they will come” scene or the players walking into the corn fields, but no…

They get into a detailed discussion about height of Costner’s acting career oddly centering around other baseball-themed movies such as Bull Durham and For the Love of the Game. Then, the hosts speak at length about how the tightly-wound fabric of Kevin Costner’s jeans outlines his silhouette.  

Speaking of denim, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (played by Tom Cruise) might have something to say about that in “Top Gun.”

Everyone’s favorite aerial thrill-seeker and renegade egotistical fighter pilot boasts some wicked skills in the sky, but on the ground, he might not be so great. In the sand, more specifically.

The focal point of the “Top Gun” episode has fans pondering if Maverick’s priorities are straight as he ducks out of the notorious volleyball game for a chance to woo his alluring civilian flight instructor after striking out in his first at-bat with her.

A montage showing shirtless, jacked-up men artificially glistened by tanning oil ensues and they are … all wearing jeans? How does that make sense in the scorching heat of San Diego? That’s so 1980s, especially with Kenny Loggins’ “Playing with the Boys” blaring in the background.

Maverick and wingman Goose lose the two-versus-two match to their archrivals probably because Maverick incessantly checks his watch after every point, clearly preoccupied by the anticipation of his off-base escapades.

The hosts beg the questions, why did he play the game in the first place and more importantly, why didn’t he just take off his jeans to play the game if he was so worried about his date? The movie-watching world may never know.

Another intriguing point made by the hosts in this episode is wrapping your head around how Tom Cruise, who’s only 5-foot-7, can spike a volleyball. I’m 5-foot-7 (and a half!) and I can barely graze the top of a volleyball net with my vertical.

Overall, the show combines humor sprinkled with notes of seriousness and some comments that may not be so safe to put on full-blast volume. This no-holds-barred podcast captivates the audience by relishing in the glory that is American filmmaking.

The podcast will have you hankering for more while perhaps inadvertently forcing you to push the pedal too hard on your morning commute out of pure laughter. Can you say lead foot driver?

Why, of course it’s intended to entertain, and that it does. The show will never fail to leave you satisfied, making it a must-listen podcast.

Overall Score: 4.5/5