A guide to binging old TV shows

By Luke Feliciano | Sports Editor

When it comes to watching TV shows that have been out for a while, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind. Sports Editor Luke Feliciano has some tips to help keep these older shows just as fresh.

Everybody’s favorite TV has to end – at least at some point.  

As the drama fades away, the chatter begins to soften and the references become obsolete, there is a peculiar intrigue to understand what all the buzz was really about.

That’s where watching old TV shows comes into play and it’s not the easiest task to pursue on the leisure spectrum. Maybe the whole show was spoiled, subplots were ruined, pivotal moments were revealed and maybe cliffhangers were exposed.

You’re not alone on this winding journey to watching a show that has already long seen its expiration date. Have no fear – as someone who tends to watch a lot of these shows, here are some helpful tips for when you want to arrive late to the party.

  1. Avoid internet spoilers

Forget the blabber mouths who can’t keep their traps shut about the major spoilers for a show. The biggest enemy is the internet. Reddit forums blowing up about what happened on the show, Twitter threads that will inevitably reach your timeline – in this situation, spoilers are almost unavoidable. The only way to completely avoid this is to go cold turkey. Yet, that’s impossible to do in this day and age.

As far search engines go, only look up facts about a show if you are completely lost as to what’s going on. This requires better attention being paid to the show. That’s because a lot of popular shows have dedicated forums, after shows, etc. to absorb what went down in that episode. I’ve looked up certain facts about a show and narrowly averted the crisis of getting the whole thing spoiled for me. So, tread carefully.

Instead, I suggest using muted words on social media platforms to avoid spoilers from accidentally popping up on your screen. Doing so will allow you the luxury of partaking in your daily mobile fix while still gracefully enjoying your old tv show with a nice cup of hot cocoa – don’t forget the marshmallows!

  • Watch episodes in chunks

I’ve found it much more difficult to take in what’s happening in a show if I watch one episode per night. Instead, I would recommend watching at least two during one viewing session. Often times, plots can build in just two episodes, so doing so will allow you to maintain a fresh understanding about what’s going on.

With streaming services now at the forefront of our society – Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video – the binge-watching craze is in full force. Most offer plans with no commercials so you can easily speed through what would normally be a one-hour block show slot in just around 42 minutes. Talk about saving time – that you will never get back.

  • Know why you are watching these shows

I’ve been put into a situation where there was a show I wanted to watch (Breaking Bad) but I already knew the ending before pressing play on the pilot episode.

I figured, why waste my time with a show that I already knew the outcome to?

Because there is still value in watching these shows for their value. Each show has unique storylines, character development and witty remarks.

Better yet, I’ve noticed that many shows improve in quality as the seasons go on because there is more stability in the show’s renewal. This means better scriptwriting, better acting, more time to for the plot to manifest and not be rushed. I mean come on, how many times have you seen a show on its last legs (such as the final season) and it gets completely rushed? Too many times to count – that’s the answer.

If you’re someone like me who values a show for its intricacies and not just what appears on the surface level, then watching old TV shows is right for you.