Disney+ selection makes viewers ambivalent

By Jack Dunn | Campus News Editor

                Nearly two months after its release, I am finally able to do the second part of my review of Disney +. And I have to say, it was definitely my app of choice when I was travelling overseas. Even though I used it more than other entertainment apps, it still seems to be lacking in one particular department: new things to watch.

                Now don’t get me wrong; Disney +’s key selling point, The Mandalorian, was clearly the right choice to put on their advertisements. It felt like all everyone was talking about each week after a new episode was released. And spoiler alert, the character called “The Child” (or Baby Yoda) stole every scene he was in. The Mandalorian makes paying for the first month of Disney + totally worth it.

                The next big question is whether or not people will be willing to continue to pay for Disney + now that The Mandalorian is over. While Disney has a lot of great old stuff on the app, I found myself struggling to find something new that I would be interested in. I never watched High School Musical as a kid, so I had no interest in the new show called High School Musical : The Musical : The Series. I can see now those who were into it as kids would want to watch it though. Kristen Bell’s new series Encore!, where she gets old high school classmates to perform their old plays, looks interesting if you’re into plays, but I had no interest.

                I watched two episodes of The World According to Jeff Goldblum. I thought it was all right, but didn’t really feel the need to continue. However, another documentary entry, Pick of the Litter, caught my eye. This show follows puppies working toward becoming guide dogs for the blind. It’s a fascinating story of learning this grueling process and how hard it is on both humans and the puppies.

                There are a lot of great animated shorts that have both new and familiar characters. For example, the short series Forky Asks a Question is a great way to explore more about the character who starred in Toy Story 4. The only problem is: they’re short. They don’t take very long to watch so you can get through them very quickly.

                I guess what I’m trying to say is that at the current moment, there aren’t enough new shows after The Mandalorian that I’m super interested in. Luckily, I like Star Wars, Marvel and enough Disney Classics to keep me subscribed until the end of season 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. But hopefully the app will start announcing release dates for all the shows they have in the works, in order to keep people like me subscribed.

                I understand that this sounds super negative, but I do believe that there is hope for the future. Shows like The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and the Obi-Wan series, combined with the success that is The Mandalorian, prove that Disney can be capable of some outstanding exclusive entertainment. I just hope they will release more content sooner rather than later.