Faculty art exhibition is cause for introspection

By Alex Budzynski and Kevin Thomas | Campus News Editor and Editor-in-Chief

This installation by Suzanne Michele Chouteau pays homage to her Shawnee ancestors who were forced to leave their native Ohio territory.

From vivid watercolor paintings of serene scenes and photos of people celebrating the happiest moments of their lives to a sculpture of a foursome singing or screaming a bar room anthem, the A.B. Cohen Center came alive. On Friday evening, the Department of Art held a reception for their latest gallery show featuring pieces crafted by several Xavier faculty members.

Senior art major Monica Schweiger expressed how she is constantly challenged and surprised by the annual faculty show. 

“It’s something the professors are working towards on the side and they continue to inspire me in the way that they push their own boundaries,” she said. “As an artist it helps me grow and inspires my own thoughts in a way that I was not necessarily thinking of before.”

The exhibition opened on Jan. 17 and will remain open until Feb. 17. It is open to visitors between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. or by appointment Monday through Friday.

“Bar Room Anthem” by Kelly and Kyle Phelps. This sculpture depicts four singers in front of pasted punk rock background.
Excerpts from an on-going series about the self by Jordanne Renner. Above are three different photos representing the self through the body.
“All my Friends Are Getting Married” by Brandon Lowery. Three ceramic and acrylic sculptures of fleshy empty sacks with a mouth and nose.